Well, well, well. After Modern notices how Kyle Sisk decides to smear an innocent man by using the man’s picture purely because the innocent man is black, Sisk removes the picture, and edits the line that puts him on the hook for defamation.

Granting clemency to murderers never sits well with the electorate.

Is now…

Granting clemency to alleged murderers, unsubstantiated murderers or whatever never sits well with the electorate.

“Or whatever”?? So clever.

Quit trying to create controversy where it does not exist.? Nice try though. NOTE: I may be an ass, but I’m not a racist thank you very much.

Don’t need to try when you do a fine job of making an ass of yourself without our help, Kyle.?? The pic is screen capped.? And you’re still a foul human being.? And if I were the guy whose picture you used solely to dog whistle race-bait your neanderthal readers, I’d be finding a lawyer to sue you for defamation, making sure there was a few African Americans on the jury, and watching you eat your own horseshit.

You’ve given them plenty of evidence.

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