State Representative Todd Book announced that he was withdrawing from the race citing his growing legislative duties (he’s shepherding the legislation that is implemented the legislation to enact both Issues 2 & 3), but it likely has more to do with his less than impressive fundraising last quarter and the growing consensus that next year will not be a favorable environment for Democrats nationally, let alone in the Second Congressional district where Republicans outnumber Democrats.

Geoffrey Sea, Krikorian’s blogger, advisor, and biggest backer, is doing a victory lap.

Good for him.  He backed the candidate that will now be the likely Democratic nominee now.  A candidate who’s own campaign poll shows him losing to Schmidt by her largest margin of victory ever and taking counties that she’s never carried before.  Great.

But, what if Krikorian beat Schmidt?  Then we’d get a self-described “Blue Dog Democrat” who’s pro-life, who believes in “Drill, Baby, Drill”, wants a “simpler tax structure” (i.e. “flat tax”), and is opposes to gay marriage or civil unions.  In other words, Schmidt-lite.  Again, I don’t understand why any progressive could get excited over this race now.

Enjoy your victory, Geoffrey.  And keep telling yourself that Krikorian, despite the fact that just a year ago was championing John Boehner as someone who agrees with Krikorian’s plan to eliminate the capital gains tax, is really a champion for Obama and his policies.  Say it enough and you may even convinced yourself.

Jean Schmidt has primary opposition, but even if he’s embraced by the usual suspects in COAST, unless he can crack Schmidt’s base in Clermont County, she’s likely safe.  Her primary opponent, Warren County Commissioner Kilburn could actually give Schmidt a run for her money in ideological idiocy, but that’s it.  In fact, the main reason he’s running is because he was facing his own primary challenge due to his reckless comments he’s made in his current position.   So…. maybe that will give us some entertaining value?