Honestly, I did not think Going Rogue was going to be any sort of challenge to read (of course, I also didn’t think I’d be in the process of buying a house this week!).

But the book is boring.

After reading a page or two, I think to myself, “Why did Sarah Palin think anyone would want to read that anecdote?”

And then there are the times she just confuses me.

One example: in the first few pages of the book, she wrote that when oil production started booming in 1977, “billions of dollars flowed into state coffers…And the politicians spent it.” Government grew, yada, yada. Then the economy crashed. Then government stopped working for the people. Then she ran for governor.


But not 20 pages later she wrote:

“By the mid-1970s…High-paying pipeline jobs brought thousands of new workers to the state. It was a gold rush that sent truckloads of cash into the state’s economy. Jobs were plentiful…

The employment boom and energy production were the upside of development. The downside was the concurrent spike in social problems. Without law enforcement resources to keep things in check, prostitution, gambling and illegal drugs proliferated…The boom also stressed local infrastructure, including schools and health care facilities.”

Um. Could that be part of the reason that the government also grew during those years (as she mentioned just a few pages before)? To provide the law enforcement, schools, health care facilities, etc. to help meet the needs of a growing population? Who – other than the government – did she think was going to provide all that?

She makes my head hurt.

I’m going to enjoy my Thanksgiving and be thankful that I leave this book behind for a few days.

Enjoy your holiday!

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