With Thanksgiving week upon us, we’re all supposed to be thankful for stuff.? Which I guess is fine.? My last few Thanksgivings haven’t had much on that front, but this year is different, so here goes.

I’m thankful that my country is no longer ruled by a bunch of incompetent ideologue lunatics obsessed with sex organs, who destroyed the country so thoroughly none of us can even predict when we’ll emerge from the catastrophe.? That’s a big one!

I’m thankful that Lebron James is a Cavalier, which means that I get to watch the greatest athlete on the planet multiple times a week on my TV.? I’ve been thankful for this for some time, and expect it to continue into next Thanksgiving, despite what Jay Z might think.

I’m thankful that I never gave up on life, despite having ample reason and opportunity to do so, thankful that I’ve got a future to look forward to, and that I’m writing for this very awesome blog, with most awesome co-bloggers, and we’re kicking some serious ass already.

And I’m thankful to be alive to witness the presidency of Barack Obama, to have contributed to his election in whatever small way, able to appreciate its importance to the history of my country.? I am still in awe of it.

And now, for some Thanksgiving entertainment.

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