I can’t look at a picture of Josh Mandel with cracking up. Seriously. This guy is running for state-wide office…


Despite the fact that he looks like he’s 14 years old, Josh seems to be pretty serious about his campaign and, based on the multiple posts I read this week, he’s been working pretty hard campaigning across Ohio. His recent campaign-related travels around the state have totaled nearly sixty thousand miles so far, or so they say.

I was really hoping he’d stop by my house to ask for my vote but so far that hasn’t happened. When he does, though, I already have my answer prepared:

“I’m sorry, young man. But I am no longer in high school and will therefore be unable to vote for you as student council treasurer.”

Josh will explain the situation.

“Oh!”, I will respond, pretending to be surprised. “You’re running for STATE treasurer?”, I will say pretending to hold back laughter.

And then I will make the same suggestion that I made a few months back when I first heard Josh was planning to expand his political horizons: grow a beard.

Before you criticize my suggestion, take a look at the following artist’s rendition of Josh Mandel as an adult and then tell me that you don’t think this is a good idea.


Bam! Josh Mandel 2.0.

It worked for Lincoln. It could work for you too, Josh.

Just remember to thank me in your autobiography.