From the daily archives: Monday, November 23, 2009

Ryann Guitar Anderson has been playing around Tremont ever since I can remember, and here’s one of his performances at the Literary Cafe’s Talk Show night, introduced by a very Cleveland-looking Richard Trainer, who’s been hosting the talk show for god knows how long.

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Josh Mandel For Student Council

On November 23, 2009 By

I can’t look at a picture of Josh Mandel with cracking up. Seriously. This guy is running for state-wide office…

Despite the fact that he looks like he’s 14 years old, Josh seems to be pretty serious about his campaign and, based on the multiple posts I read this week, he’s been working pretty hard campaigning across Ohio. His recent campaign-related travels around the state have totaled nearly sixty thousand miles so far, or so they say.

I was really hoping he’d stop by my house to ask for my vote but so far that hasn’t happened. When he […]

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What I’m thankful for

On November 23, 2009 By

With Thanksgiving week upon us, we’re all supposed to be thankful for stuff.? Which I guess is fine.? My last few Thanksgivings haven’t had much on that front, but this year is different, so here goes.

I’m thankful that my country is no longer ruled by a bunch of incompetent ideologue lunatics obsessed with sex organs, who destroyed the country so thoroughly none of us can even predict when we’ll emerge from the catastrophe.? That’s a big one!

I’m thankful that Lebron James is a Cavalier, which means that I get to watch the greatest athlete on the planet multiple […]

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The weekend editorial coverage of the Senate GOP’s inability to produce a package that would get the support of 17 State Senators (even though the GOP has 22 in its ranks) was universally negative.

The Columbus Dispatch (R-Columbus) strongly condemned the lack of leadership in the State Senate Republicans:

“Do the leaders of the Ohio Senate feel no obligation to the people they were elected to serve?

For the Senate to take off for a 12-day holiday, leaving undone the critical task of shoring up Ohio’s budget, is irresponsible.

The messy compromise plan found few […]

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This guy says he was camping out in Columbus and ended up at some other Palin book signing….we missed him.? Maybe he wasn’t suited up yet.? Via…who else….Wonkette.

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Tea Party: The Documentary Film!

On November 23, 2009 By

In a world…

LOL. Grassroots.

(h/t Fired Up! Missouri)

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Quick Question…

On November 23, 2009 By

WTF is wrong with Missouri?

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Here it is. Your Tea Bagger Patriots:

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A friend sent me a link to a new video by New Left Media, who interviewed Sarah Palin supporters outside of the Borders bookstore in Dublin, Ohio. We saw this guy the morning of the event. He had a cameraman (nice camera) and an actual microphone and was interviewing people in line. His tactics are friendlier, but the stupidity still shines through:

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Diaried at Kos.

This week, Cleveland’s city planning commission denied permission for Nike to replace the giant 10 story Lebron James banner across the street from Quicken Loans arena with this new one…

…for obvious reasons.

Commission member Norman Krumholz called James’ image on the mural “terribly negative.”

James’ grim visage and hardened stance play to a stereotype of young, urban black men as menacing and aggressive, a city design-review official said Thursday.

Stanley Miller, executive director of the Cleveland NAACP, said in an interview Friday that the James mural […]

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