Get the T shirt!

Get the T shirt!

After Tim published the last video from the all-night Palin book signing camp-out in Dublin Ohio, people began to ask us if we had more footage. But of course!

When we originally went out to see what was happening at the Border’s bookstore in suburban Columbus Ohio where people were camping out to be the first in line for a Sarah Palin book signing event, we had no idea what we’d be in for. It’s always this way. What was apparent right away was that these people were literally dug in for the long haul on their support of George W. Bush and unapologetic for having helped elect him and his disastrous administration.

When Tim came up with his “you can’t have it back because you fucked it up” line, it seemed to fit so well that not even those who were being told they fucked up our country seemed to object. They only did so once they began to realize what they were being accused of and they then searched in vain to find justifications for their past support of Bush and current support of the even more vapid Sarah Palin.

One such chap was someone we dubbed “duct tape dude”, a kid who had put duct tape over the McCain in his McCain-Palin tee shirt and replaced it with “2012”. Actually admitting in public that he wanted Sarah Palin to be our President in 2012. Game on:

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