I’m still laughing about something I read this morning. Not surprisingly, it’s something Ken Blackwell wrote.

In Kenny’s latest Townhall article he calls President Obama “unprepared” because he took a breath prior to saying the word ‘quadrennial’ in a speech last year.

Here’s the video. Give it 28 seconds. I promise you wouldn’t even notice the ‘mistake’ if I didn’t call your attention to it in advance…

The reason I laughed and continue to laugh is because Ken Blackwell has to be the absolute worst political speaker I have ever seen. Hands down THE worst.

And it isn’t just because he can’t pronounce half the words he says. Though that doesn’t help. It’s also because he goes off on strange tangents that make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Just listen to this and tell me J. Kenneth Blackwell isn’t the worst fucking speaker you’ve ever heard…And this…

See what I mean?

And this guy has the balls to attack President Obama for a slight pause between words?

And before you ask, the answer is NO.

I never get tired of making fun of Ken Blackwell.