From the daily archives: Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two Green Day’s in a row, but it’s worth it. For our commenting friend mvirenicus, too. 😉

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I’m still laughing about something I read this morning. Not surprisingly, it’s something Ken Blackwell wrote.

In Kenny’s latest Townhall article he calls President Obama “unprepared” because he took a breath prior to saying the word ‘quadrennial’ in a speech last year.

Here’s the video. Give it 28 seconds. I promise you wouldn’t even notice the ‘mistake’ if I didn’t call your attention to it in advance…

The reason I laughed and continue to laugh is because Ken Blackwell has to be the absolute worst political speaker I have ever seen. Hands down THE worst.

And it […]

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Tim and Eric’s latest video from the Palin book signing/homeless encampment includes a debate between Tim and some kid over which cost more: the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or the Stimulus Bill (AARA).

The short answer, just based on actual spending approved by Congress, is the War. By a few hundred billion. Sorry duct tape shirt kid but you are wrong on this one.

According to a report by the Congressional Research Services from two months ago:

“Congress has approved a total of about $944 billion for military operations, base security, reconstruction, foreign aid, embassy costs, and […]

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Thanks Sarah!

Guess who else is raking in the dough as Sarah Palin noisily returns to the national stage: her detractors. After months of trailing Republicans in fundraising, Dems raised $11.5 million in October, a record for a non-presidential year

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A Question for Bengals Fans…

On November 22, 2009 By

I have a quick question for Bengals fans: Where Dey At?

LOL. Yes, my Steelers lost to a flunky too. Thanks for the bailout Bungles!

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CelebrATE 2 AND…..wait……..never mind……..Go Chiefs!!

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The Kansas City Star’s Steve Kraske, BizzyBlog’s Tom Blumer, and BizzyBlog Commenter Joe C. are all dumb as boxes of rocks. They read the following quotes and come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is not going to run for a second term in 2012:

“You know, if – if I feel like I’ve made the very best decisions for the American people and three years from now I look at it and, you know, my poll numbers are in the tank and because we’ve gone through these wrenching changes, you know, politically, I’m in a tough […]

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After Tim published the last video from the all-night Palin book signing camp-out in Dublin Ohio, people began to ask us if we had more footage. But of course!

When we originally went out to see what was happening at the Border’s bookstore in suburban Columbus Ohio where people were camping out to be the first in line for a Sarah Palin book signing event, we had no idea what we’d be in for. It’s always this way. What was apparent right away was that these people were literally dug in for the long haul on their support […]

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Would this be considered a lateral move? 😉

Suzanne Sena, former primetime/late night news anchor on Fox News Channel, is back in front of the camera, this time anchoring for ONN: Onion News Network.

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