Update: You ask. We answer. For those wondering if Republicans are fucked up, thanks for searching and stopping by. Your answer is below.

Hanging around the Palin idiots as much as Eric and I did yesterday really gets you down.? It’s hard to believe there are this many people in America this ignorant, and so proud to be so.? Exhibit A is their utterly predictable reaction when someone tells them, straight up, “You voted for George W. Bush twice, you fucked up our country, you can’t have it back.”

There are no two single acts in the average American’s engagement in politics more responsible for the current state of our country than the act of voting for George W. Bush, twice.? Try naming two bigger things the average American could have done to create the mess that Barack Obama has to clean up.? Try it.? You can’t.

Here’s how that conversation went whenever we began it yesterday with the Palin morons.? After the initial shock that someone might actually call Republicans on this, the litany begins.?? All totally predictable, the same every single time, WITHOUT VARIATION, delivered with increasing agitation to the point of twitching rage.

First Utterly Predictable Spew of Horseshit – DID YOU EVER SERVE IN VIETNAM?

Hey, stupid.? I was in elementary school when we pulled out of Vietnam, you dumbfuck.? In fact, half the electorate doesn’teven remember Vietnam, which is a major reason Barack Obama got elected.? So shove it up your ass, go wipe your tears with your American flag, can’t you even count?

Second Utterly Predictable Spew of Horseshit – IT’S THE DEMOCRATS’ FAULT!

George W. Bush took a $6 trillion surplus and turned it into debt as far as the eye can see with a Republican Congress.? Then, George W. Bush gave us two unfunded wars, one of his choosing, the other of necessity, both of which he fucked up so bad not even Barack Obama may be able to fix the necessary one.? Then, he drove the entire economic system to total collapse, like Herbert Hoover on crack, right before he handed it off.? You voted twice for that, you stupid mother fucking dumbass fucktard.? Twice.

Third Utterly Predictable Spew of Horseshit – BILL CLINTON GOT HIS DICK SUCKED!

As always, it inevitably turns to a discussion of genitalia, because Republicans are the most sex-obsessed dipshits in all of political discourse.? This is also about the time the twitching begins, largely because of the mention of Bill Clinton’s name.

Fourth Utterly Predictable Spew of Horseshit – LOOK IN THE MIRROR, YOU FUCKED UP THE COUNTRY, NOT ME!

This is what a child sounds like when you catch them spraying their own urine all over the kitchen floor because it’s funny.? Like children, Republicans who voted for George W. Bush, TWICE, still think it’s funny that they did this. Ha fucking ha.

It’s not funny.? You fucked up our country, you god damned fucking idiots.? And you cannot have it back.? And until you accept responsibility for your actions, you won’t get it back.?? So pick up a mop, start cleaning up the mess you created, or eat me.

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  • My favorite reaction is when they ask me if I served in the military. It's usually an older woman who asks. I simply reply “West Point, you?”


    This notion that military service somehow qualifies you for advanced American citizenship is ludicrous and borderline offensive. Any person honorably serving will tell you this as well. These arguments are only used by those who don't have a rational argument to make.

    Is the software developer less a citizen because he is innovating in his field? Is the mother less a citizen because she is working and helping raise smart, responsible kids? No, of course not. Is military service honorable? Absolutely. It is also a big sacrifice to make for the service-member and family – most especially during deployments in times of war. It does not, however, make you a hyper-citizen impervious to political discourse.

    [Disclosure: I did not graduate from West Point and did not serve in active duty in the Army. I have also not seen the horrors of war like many of my classmates. I don't pretend to have had the same experiences as someone who has, but this one line does tend to short circuit the bogus wingnut argument]

  • I think you're going too easy on the ignorant fuckers. Although, you're a hell of a lot braver than I am to go out and confront them while they're en masse.

    This much I know is true — Dems have got to start pulling together and turn out in the midterms and 2012 like they did in the last election, even if, like me, they may be disappointed in Obama's performance so far. He hasn't shown the balls he needed to, but then again, it's been a steady onslaught of bullshit and obstruction from the Republitards and blue dogs since he took office.

    If the Republitards and all their faithful can't run Palin, they'll find someone just as bad but without the baggage. They've made no bones about the fact that they're targeting “vulnerable” Democrats in the next elections, and Republicans have more money than God to throw at this kind of thing . Plus, he's on their side, dontcha know.

    Shit, now you got me all wound up. 😉

  • Russo and MrsBitch all wound up is a tour de force of smack downism!

  • Mrs. Bitch, you are TEH AWESOME

  • Yes. Seriously. That makes two official blog crushes.

  • pedro

    my new favorite web site. g'bye wonkette (tear). i luv, whats it called, plumperbund? cucumberblund? i'm drunk.

  • LOL. Thanks. How's the chips and dip?

  • lol…….we'll share with wonkette happily!!

  • JeffreyO

    I really like this place's tangy brew of politics.

    Seriously all your points are well made but my favorite is really the most basic- WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT CLINTON'S ADULTERY? Let's not kid ourselves; women (and men, for that matter) are attracted to power, and leaders of all stripes have been getting tail for it for nearly all of human history. Maybe you believe it's a moral sin, frowned upon by God, or maybe you think it's just wrong to abuse your spouses trust, but what happened to my favorite right-wing ideology; let people deal with their own damned consciences. How did him getting a hummer hurt any average citizen at all, excepting that our fucking Republican Congress had to make a big deal about it and waste our country's time?

  • stick around jeffrey……..we're in ohio, which means we can't afford to play nice.

  • JeffreyO

    I definitely plan on it mate. You guys have good stuff going here!

  • w00zard44

    Thanks for this site… I moved here a few years ago from Boston, currently live in North Canton, which is a haven for idiot right wingery. The people in this town have their heads so far up their asses they have lost all sense of reality. It's as if they live in a bubble with no idea what is really going on in this world, no sense of global community. Just glad to see other as pissed as I am. I must be the only liberal in stark county.

  • Thanks for visiting. I felt like that once in Delaware too. It's not true. You just have to find them. 😉

  • jeffhess

    Shalom Eric,

    Yeah, I get the same reaction.



    Oops, this was supposed to be associated with your West Point, you? comment.

  • mvirenicus

    i'm an army vet but i usually only bring it up when something reminds me, such as being questioned by an imbecile as described in your comment, and !whoa doggy! does that ever tend to piss me off. their assumption is that i haven't served, when in reality i am far above their relatives who serve in the infantry as opposed to administrative as i did. LOL duty, honor, donuts!

  • LMAO! Loved this

    duty, honor, donuts!

  • SoCalDan

    Sadly, your points accurately reflect my own experience with the majority of individuals sharing this viewpoint.

    Of course one of many obvious questions would be just where these dipshits were when junior Preznit G W Bunnypants added trillions to the US America debt at the same time that head Preznit/Emperor Cheney was trying to convince the frightened masses that ?deficits don?t matter?? Oh right, now that the current scary black pretend Preznit wants to give some people healthcare and maybe even expand human rights to teh ghey, the feral wingnuts go all apoplectic about fizkall and moral responsibility while the more militant of their ilk threaten to ?water/piss on the tree of liberty? during the ?coming revolution for freedumb.? Please choke on an entire surplus ammo can of dicks, you feckless pussy retards.

    Proud of you guys for your courage to confront them with the ?you fucked up our country? comments and the ensuing tension is priceless. As MrsBitch said, you are braver than I given their cowardly penchant for packing heat and general instability. The bodyguard for Levi?s Johnston will probably be out of work any day, so you might want to give him a call prior to your next event.also. Stay safe.

  • Alex

    Awesome, simply awesome. Thanks for restating what so many of us are thinking. That really puts things in perspective for those too stupid or stubborn to face the facts.

  • modernesquire

    George Bush barely served…. Al Gore and John Kerry did, and yet, they voted for Bush twice.

  • Alex

    Awesome, simply awesome. Thanks for restating what so many of us are thinking. That really puts things in perspective for those too stupid or stubborn to face the facts.

  • modernesquire

    George Bush barely served…. Al Gore and John Kerry did, and yet, they voted for Bush twice.

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