Update: You ask. We answer. For those wondering if Republicans are fucked up, thanks for searching and stopping by. Your answer is below.

Hanging around the Palin idiots as much as Eric and I did yesterday really gets you down.? It’s hard to believe there are this many people in America this ignorant, and so proud to be so.? Exhibit A is their utterly predictable reaction when someone tells them, straight up, “You voted for George W. Bush twice, you fucked up our country, you can’t have it back.”

There are no two single acts in the average American’s engagement in politics more responsible for the current state of our country than the act of voting for George W. Bush, twice.? Try naming two bigger things the average American could have done to create the mess that Barack Obama has to clean up.? Try it.? You can’t.

Here’s how that conversation went whenever we began it yesterday with the Palin morons.? After the initial shock that someone might actually call Republicans on this, the litany begins.?? All totally predictable, the same every single time, WITHOUT VARIATION, delivered with increasing agitation to the point of twitching rage.

First Utterly Predictable Spew of Horseshit – DID YOU EVER SERVE IN VIETNAM?

Hey, stupid.? I was in elementary school when we pulled out of Vietnam, you dumbfuck.? In fact, half the electorate doesn’teven remember Vietnam, which is a major reason Barack Obama got elected.? So shove it up your ass, go wipe your tears with your American flag, can’t you even count?

Second Utterly Predictable Spew of Horseshit – IT’S THE DEMOCRATS’ FAULT!

George W. Bush took a $6 trillion surplus and turned it into debt as far as the eye can see with a Republican Congress.? Then, George W. Bush gave us two unfunded wars, one of his choosing, the other of necessity, both of which he fucked up so bad not even Barack Obama may be able to fix the necessary one.? Then, he drove the entire economic system to total collapse, like Herbert Hoover on crack, right before he handed it off.? You voted twice for that, you stupid mother fucking dumbass fucktard.? Twice.

Third Utterly Predictable Spew of Horseshit – BILL CLINTON GOT HIS DICK SUCKED!

As always, it inevitably turns to a discussion of genitalia, because Republicans are the most sex-obsessed dipshits in all of political discourse.? This is also about the time the twitching begins, largely because of the mention of Bill Clinton’s name.

Fourth Utterly Predictable Spew of Horseshit – LOOK IN THE MIRROR, YOU FUCKED UP THE COUNTRY, NOT ME!

This is what a child sounds like when you catch them spraying their own urine all over the kitchen floor because it’s funny.? Like children, Republicans who voted for George W. Bush, TWICE, still think it’s funny that they did this. Ha fucking ha.

It’s not funny.? You fucked up our country, you god damned fucking idiots.? And you cannot have it back.? And until you accept responsibility for your actions, you won’t get it back.?? So pick up a mop, start cleaning up the mess you created, or eat me.

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