From the daily archives: Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seemed appropriate given the past couple of days:

Thanks to all who sent notes of support or commented them. Really appreciated. Great to have some new fans too! Stay tuned…

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Update: You ask. We answer. For those wondering if Republicans are fucked up, thanks for searching and stopping by. Your answer is below.

Hanging around the Palin idiots as much as Eric and I did yesterday really gets you down.? It’s hard to believe there are this many people in America this ignorant, and so proud to be so.? Exhibit A is their utterly predictable reaction when someone tells them, straight up, “You voted for George W. Bush twice, you fucked up our country, you can’t have it back.”

There are no two single acts in the average American’s […]

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You could probably have figured this out by now.? The more liberal economist is saying the stimulus was not big enough and another infusion will be needed to get the economy fully on track.? The more conservative economist is saying the stimulus has been a disaster and is not working, proving that big government is bad.

The snipping is all well and good.? Those less likely to inject politics into the mix admit the stimulus is working to, um, stimulate the economy despite it’s failings:

But with roughly a quarter of the stimulus money out the door after nine […]

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FFS. Probably one of the biggest political junkies of all time and someone who tried (and failed) to pass health care reform won’t attend a free clinic because Keith Olbermann made it too political?

Oh for good god damned sakes you have got to be kidding me. Earth to Bill Clinton: This shit has been political from day one. Don’t go all weak kneed on us now. You’re doing nobody any favors by making lame attempts to be above the fray. Get in the game or go the hell back to Arkansas and drive your AstroTurf? lined El Dorado […]

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