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Not sure, but this may be the first blogger produced video shot at a Sarah Palin book-signing campout.? We hit Camp Palin outside the Borders in Dublin, Ohio, outside Columbus.

It’s been a long night.? We heard that people had begun camping out at the Dublin (Columbus area) Borders as early as 7pm, for a book signing at 6pm the next day (today).? So Eric and I decided to head down with a couple cameras to see the sharp end of the Sarah Palin spear.? We shot from about midnight to 1am.

You gotta be pretty in the tank to spend all night outside in damp, cold Ohio November weather, just to meet the most vapid person on the planet.? These folks were in said tank.? It started out fairly quiet, and then it got weird.? As soon as it became clear we were not friendlies, they began tailing us, claiming they didn’t really want to be on camera after voluntarily being on camera, you know, the usual.? Eventually they called the cops, who seemed more annoyed to be there than anything else.

Anyway, another depressing episode with the most ignorant group of people anyone will ever meet.? Enjoy.

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