From the daily archives: Friday, November 20, 2009

Just saw this ad on Craig’s List looking for “Conservative Political Volunteers for anti-Obamacare event”.

Their plan somehow revolves around handing out lemons in plastic bags…

Good luck with that guys. Your only hope with this plan is to have someone come up with a clever, sex-related name for your lemony movement. Is Lemon-Baller some kind of sex act? If not, it definitely should be.

But to find the real humor in the Craig’s List politics category you need to scroll up a few posts to the responses the Lemon-Ballers received.

This one is my favorite. It […]

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USA Today has a neat interactive graph that let’s you compare Presidential approval ratings. I found this comparison of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan pretty interesting:

Another worth plugging in to the comparison meter is Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

All your graph are belong to us. Boo Hoo. Ouch.

(ht Andrew Sullivan)

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Boy, I love me some irony.? What the hell else did they expect given her history of quitting on her home state of Alaska so that she could travel around in a custom bus taking dollars from unsuspecting sycophants?

Seriously. Palin’s little book tour appears to be like honey to stupid bees.

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Anybody who has been paying attention should not be surprised by this, but Reagan conservatism has consistently resulted in an increase in debt relative to GDP, while Democrats have consistently reduced debt relative to GDP.

Post-Eisenhower, conservatism has been pretty broken, and despite their caterwauling about “smaller government” and “fiscal responsibility”, they have consistently done the opposite.

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Not sure, but this may be the first blogger produced video shot at a Sarah Palin book-signing campout.? We hit Camp Palin outside the Borders in Dublin, Ohio, outside Columbus.

It’s been a long night.? We heard that people had begun camping out at the Dublin (Columbus area) Borders as early as 7pm, for a book signing at 6pm the next day (today).? So […]

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Stupak is the Pitts.

On November 20, 2009 By

A guest post from Kelley Bell, courtesy of The Huffington Post:

A firestorm is coming. Can you feel it? The women of this country are fuming, like steam in a pressure cooker the timer is about to go off, and these women are going to explode.

After a long and difficult debate on health care, The Stupak/Pitts Amendment passed The House 240 to 194 with 64 Democrats breaking from the party platform to add an amendment to the bill further restricting legal abortion. The move was underhanded, disgusting and unforgivable to the women in the pro-choice movement because […]

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