The PalinPalooza continues, indeed accelerates.? For a woman who incessantly mocked the “celebrity” of Barack Obama, Sarah Palin is making Barack look like an amateur.? The Republican Party, and all their organs of manipulation, play right along.

They’re all in.? Good.? Because nothing is more certain in today’s media environment than the cycle of build up, destroy.? The higher they rise, the harder they fall. The very same people today blowing smoke up Palin’s spandex clad sphincter will tomorrow shove a red hot poker up it.? That’s bankable.

But with Palin, the inevitable crash will be far worse than it would be if there was a single ounce of substance to her.? There isn’t.? No there there.? She’s not sitting atop a house of cards; that would at least be built of something.? Palin’s floating on a cloud of celebrity bling, period.? That cloud will eventually evaporate into dust.? And with her, the Republican Party.

It’s really unprecedented.? Every time I think Republicans might come to their senses, they double down.? Someday, probably decades from now, historians will look back on this era of American political history and unanimously declare that when Barack Obama became president, the Republican Party had simply gone mad.

The truly unbelievable reality is that right now, as that history is being made, not one Republican is aware of it.? Not a single one.? No one can say they weren’t warned.

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