From the Columbus Dispatch (Strickland: Don’t leave town):

?I think it would be unseemly for the legislature to leave this town with this matter unresolved,? he said. ?I understand next week is a holiday period of time. I certainly think this is important enough that all of us should be willing to work as long as we need to work to get it done.”

?I think it?s more important than personal travel, I think it?s more important than any individual member of the governor?s staff, the governor or the legislature,” Strickland said. “There?s no reason why this cannot and should not be bought to a quick conclusion.?

Governor, the Constitution gives you the power to stop the Senate GOP from walking away from the negotiating table with the Senate Democrats and go home for a month: use it.   You’ve never had, and probably never will, have a more objective reason to exercise the executive power over the General Assembly.  I have been told there are unconfirmed reports that the Governor’s Office has debated a special session, but they are unconfirmed and nobody knows how seriously the possibility is being considered.

The Constitution gives a Governor power to force the legislature to deal with matters of public policy that need to be address at a time that the legislation session calendar would not permit it, too.  It is an executive check on legislative slothness.

The Senate Republicans know that eventually, they’ll have to do this, but they want to sit on their hands for yet another month for purely political reason (it hurts you the longer its unresolved, and they want to delay having to take the political hit the resolution of this matter will likely result in their ideological base.)

This IS legislative slothness.  You’ve already gotten the Senate Republicans to come so far, it would be a strategic mistake to allow them to walk away from the table, regroup, and perhaps actually pull back from their commitment.  The General Assembly has passed a whopping seven bills into law.  I think the public will applaud you for forcing the Senate to stay in session until it finishes the people’s business.

Issue the proclamation, Governor.  It’s absolutely necessary.  Force the General Assembly to stay in session until they resolve this, and then have everyone over at the Governor’s Mansion for The Game afterwards.  It’s time to get Capitol Square filled with pizza boxes and all the Bob Evans coffee the Senate can brew.