Modern has been all over this state budget issue. Today it escalated to a call for the Governor to exercise his executive powers to force a special session by proclamation in order to keep Republican Senators from bailing on the state to go home for the holidays to their families while leaving the rest of the state in limbo over the budget shortfall. (see here and here)

I invite those who think the Governor should exercise such power to comment below. I would like to especially extend a hand to those on the right who have criticized Governor Strickland on his handling of the budget. Will you remain silent while your side goes home without resolving this issue? You, too, should hold your elected representatives accountable to quick action to remedy a public policy matter that affects us all and do so in a timely fashion. Leadership is about decision action. If Republicans won’t take it, the Governor should force them to do so.

Let’s hear from you in comments and spread the word about this call for action before everyone is drunk on tryptophan. Let’s get those cots out and start brewing some coffee! The state of our beloved state depends on it!