The Cleveland Plain Dealer  is strongly suggesting that the Ohio Democratic Senate Caucus has rejected the Ohio Senate GOP’s ideological plan. 

Sen. Dale Miller, a Cleveland Democrat on sits on the Senate’s Finance Committee, said he can’t support the Republican offer.

“This is not a real fix,” he said. “This package is not going to solve the problem.” For example, Miller said he has problems with tapping the casino license fees given that the money is earmarked for job training programs under the details of the casino state ballot issue passed by Ohio voters earlier this month.

Ray Miller has already said he would vote against it.  I can’t imagine that they’re “going rogue” in the Democratic Senate caucus.  Gov. Strickland, Sen. Miller, and countless others said that any attempt to plug the budget with the casino money is likely foolish as it invites litigation that could keep the availability of such funds, and for what purpose, in the air.

Earlier today, Senate President Bill Harris said his caucus had a Plan B.  Looks like he’s going to have to go to it.