From the daily archives: Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hi, Sarah. It’s warning SIGNS. The flags are RED. RED flags. Warning SIGNS. Dontchaknow there! Warhol never said 15 minutes would last this long…

(ht TPM)

Best comment at TPM:

She’s right. How can we prevent another Oklahoma City Bombing if we don’t screen for right-wing crazies who believe wacky conspiracy theories, are loudly anti-federal government and who belong to secessionist organizations.

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I bought the book yesterday. I seriously considered going to a bookstore in another town where there was no chance of me running into someone I know or having the cashier recognize me, but I just took a deep breath and went into my neighborhood B&N.

Then, I circled the store. Who knew buying a book would be stressful (especially for a book addict like me)!?

I picked up the latest US Weekly and Harper’s (which has a cover story about the future of newspapers) and then took the plunge, grabbed the book and headed to the checkout.

I […]

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WTF, Joe Biden drivers, WTF?

On November 18, 2009 By

Um, 3 accidents in a week? Can we get the Vice President another travel detail?

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