Mrs. Bitch, I believe I love you.

Amazing. Dickless Cheney is giving advice on proper Presidential etiquette. On the world stage,?Cheney is the equivalent of Muammar Gaddafi?when it comes to?diplomacy. Oh yeah, he’s the first person I’d run to for pointers if I wanted to really make a good impression on a dignitary from another country. Uh-huh.

Shut the fuck up, Dick. You’re last year’s news, beyond the mind-boggling, unprecedented mess you and The Supreme Idiot left behind….Seriously, if you people don’t have anything better than this tripe you’re glomming on to to take umbrage with, take a vacation. You really are sounding more and more demented every week.

The speed with which every single turd of dementia the right wing craps out their ass makes it to the top of, oh, say, Politico, is really beginning to make mainstream media look almost psychotic.? If I thought this nervous tick repetition of wingnuttia might hurt Democrats, I’d be concerned.? I tend to agree with Modern’s take on PalinPalooza, it does get tiresome.

However, I actually am thankful that it will no doubt continue.? Like the whoring out of their base, the Republican Party has become so good at this, they can’t stop it.? And the media has become so used to rote memorization of it, neither can they.? The difference between now and 1994 is the internet, which gleefully takes the lunacy, repeats it for pure comic purposes, which then gets repackaged by Jon Stewart or SNL or David Letterman, and that’s the impression that ends up sticking.? I don’t know when Republicans will realize this ain’t working for them anymore, but I hope it isn’t soon.

It’s a cycle that paints for the American electorate the undeniable spectacle of Republicanism as such a petty, whiny, cesspit of petulant stupidity that by the time an election comes around, independent voters will just dismiss them as a comedy routine.

Do carry on!

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