I’d like to echo this point from Eric’s post about the Ohio blogosphere, with a real time lesson.

David is basically arguing that we need to go beyond the ?rhetoric? and start raising money. One problem with that. We don?t have the numbers of readers to effectively raise cash. We joke that nobody reads blogs and it?s half true. Great numbers of people don?t read blogs. The important few do, though. The thing is this demographic, while influential, isn?t the same demographic that will donate money based on their readership of blogs.

It is a rare race indeed, and an even rarer blog, that can raise money out of blog readership in any meaningful amount.? There are two or three blogs, period, that can start that ball rolling – DailyKos, Eschaton, and maybe Crooks and Liars.? I might be missing a few big boxes, but local blogs will never, repeat, NEVER raise any appreciable money unless a big national blog kick starts it. I doubt that will change.

This notion that blogs raise money as part of their mission and evidence of their effectiveness is simply false, on many levels, and counterproductive, as Dave Potts proves himself.? If a blog claims it CAN raise money, then doesn’t, that blog will lose credibility, and just hand that demographic a reason to dismiss the real power of your blog, which is the ability to reach and affect the demographic that Eric identifies.

To our helpful lesson!? First, Potts complains that no Ohio blogs are raising money for Jennifer Brunner, they’re just spouting “rhetoric”, which I guess includes me.

Think all the blogs are in the tank for Brunner? Show me one that?s even tried to raise a buck for her on ActBlue. And if the pro-Brunner rhetoric out there now is the best blogs can do, we might as well pack it in now.

Then, Potts declares with a flourish that he’s had great success!

I wrote the other day about how blogger support for Jennifer Brunner has been anemic at best, specifically mentioning the lack of fundraising efforts we?ve seen. At the time I claimed that no blog had raised money for Brunner, and was corrected by one blogger in the comments.

Well now let?s make that two.

Here’s the result, as of this post, of Potts’ crusade to combat the “anemic”, mere “rhetorical” support for Jennifer Brunner from blogs.


One of those donors is Potts himself, another is Potts’ friend.? The “rhetoric” Potts just produced is that his “anemic” blog, Buckeye State Blog, which claims to be the biggest blog in Ohio, (a) has few readers, (b) only one of whom donated to Brunner after being rather demonstratively asked to do so, and (c) relies on deception and non-transparency to prove his point.? In other words, Potts is sockpuppeting his own fundraising drive.? Wave goodbye to your blog’s credibility, Dave.

The lesson?? The chief power of blogs is precisely that of MSM, only stronger, especially in Ohio.? We reach the top decision makers in politics and media, every single day, with authentic voices.? The effect ranges from obsessive hitting of the refresh button by state chairmen, political reporters at every newspaper in the state, top donors & activists, candidates and elected officials themselves, national bloggers, and every political consultant who operates in Ohio. ? They all read our blogs, addictively.

That power can, in a heartbeat, as we’ve proven repeatedly, end a candidacy in its tracks, and even change the narrative of the most historic presidential campaign in American history.? The only way this power works is if it is applied consistently over time, with authenticity, and complete commitment to the transparency of your motives.

With one fell swoop, Potts rejects all of that.

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