From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On occasion, we’re gonna try and focus PB Latenight theatre on local bands.? Here’s Saintseneca playing in the studio at WRUW earlier this month:

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Got into a discussion about our homophobe gay baiting neanderthal blonde Sarah Palin Democrat Jennifer Garrison today, and it was just depressing.? Then I look at my Facebook feed, and there’s an update from Marilyn Brown, Garrison’s former opponent in the primary for Secretary of State.

So I unfriended Marilyn Brown.? Marilyn, you don’t get to enter a race, get people all ginned up to support you, send your campaign manager to pitch a bunch of oppo at blogs, then pull out, and expect others to just be all cool with that.? In the real world, that’s called a bait […]

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Mrs. Bitch, I believe I love you.

Amazing. Dickless Cheney is giving advice on proper Presidential etiquette. On the world stage,?Cheney is the equivalent of Muammar Gaddafi?when it comes to?diplomacy. Oh yeah, he’s the first person I’d run to for pointers if I wanted to really make a good impression on a dignitary from another country. Uh-huh.

Shut the fuck up, Dick. You’re last year’s news, beyond the mind-boggling, unprecedented mess you and The Supreme Idiot left behind….Seriously, if you people don’t have anything better than this tripe you’re glomming on to to take umbrage with, take a […]

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Look, I’ve been really hard on the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus, its leaders, and particularly Ohio Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro.

It’s hard when you are so outnumbered by the Senate Republicans to be politically relevant, or to convince Democratic donors to donate to your caucus in your campaign to chip away and eventually take over a legislative body most of us have always known to be controlled by the Republicans.

But I think Senate Minority Leader Cafaro has listened to that criticism and is responding, and therefore, she should be applauded.

Watching the Senate Republican majority trying to find […]

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Earlier this month, Portsmouth Mayor Jim Kalb learned that he, like plenty of other incumbents currently, were not going to be re-elected.  However, Kalb didn’t just lose his re-election… he came in third… in a three-candidate race…. where one of the candidates was a write-in.  And yet, Mayor Kalb could take some solice  in knowing that thanks to the Cleveland Browns last night he no longer has the most embarrassing and humiliating defeat in Ohio.

Nothing associated with the Cleveland Browns worked . . . not even the fans’ “protest” by staying out until after the opening kickoff.  Even though […]

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I’m catching a little flak for my intentionally nasty post about Pam Geller and her comments at yesterday’s anti-Muslim rally in Columbus. So I thought I’d take a second to clarify.

Pam Geller and her pals are horrible human beings who spread hate and lies while pretending to care about the civil and religious rights of Rifqa Bary merely because she happens to be from a Muslim family. Geller and crew have absolutely no limits and will say and do whatever they think is necessary to force their culture of intolerance on the rest of us.

Multiple state and […]

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I’d like to echo this point from Eric’s post about the Ohio blogosphere, with a real time lesson.

David is basically arguing that we need to go beyond the ?rhetoric? and start raising money. One problem with that. We don?t have the numbers of readers to effectively raise cash. We joke that nobody reads blogs and it?s half true. Great numbers of people don?t read blogs. The important few do, though. The thing is this demographic, while influential, isn?t the same demographic that will donate money based on their readership of blogs.

It is a rare race indeed, and […]

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For those who missed the first post: Blogging Is As Blogging Does: An Answer to Potts’ Decline of Blogging Series Part 1

I continue my answer to Pott’s Decline of Blogging post by addressing his second underlying point in the post.? The point being bias in writing and putting money where your mouth is.

We temper our positions so we don?t risk our fragile credibility.

First, I don’t think there is anything fragile, per se, about a blogger’s credibility. If one finds their credibility fragile, there are probably some really good reasons for it. Tempering positions would be […]

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