So, that explains why the Bengals put that franchise tag on Shayne Graham last year.

The only thing more enjoyable than watching the Bengals win was hearing Couch Cowhler do the post-game replay.

In two weeks, the Steelers and the Ravens play.?? Don’t see how the Steelers make the playoffs without beating Baltimore which is not going to satisfied beating up Cleveland tonight.

THANK GOD, no Bengal player (Ochocinco) was seen doing anything to a terrible towel or even an indecent napkin (ask the Titans how that plays out.)

I want to know how the Baltimore-Cleveland game got MNF when the Colt-Pats were available this weekend… someone smarter in sports than I can explain that to me.

After the Washington win over Denver, I don’t think people are going to be talking it as a recovery of that program as much as finally recognizing that Denver just isn’t that consistently good.

How does Coach Tressel know about the wildcat offense, but not the forward pass?

Oh, and U.C. is still overrated, but lucky.