The myth of the Hillary Clinton primary supporter who went “Rogue” for Palin continues in Ohio’s blogsphere:

My wife and I are so excited to be seeing Gov. Sarah Palin for a second time.? A major reason for our votes for the McCain team last election cycle was a vote in support of Sarah Palin.? Not only did she energize many republicans, but also energized many disaffected Clinton supporters, like myself, that were very disappointed with the primary election.? In fact, at a Sarah Palin rally in St. Clairsville, Ohio, we met a woman from West Virginia that was a democrat and she told us, ?the democratic party left me, I did not leave it.?? That sums up the sentiment that many of us feel.

No, it sums up the sentiment of a Republican who believes the myth that Palin brought people to the ticket instead of repelling people and wants to perpetuate that myth wants to feels.

Unlike Jason Rowsey, I ACTUALLY supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries.? Tim and Eric can vouch for me.? You, Jason, volunteered to get H.W. re-elected rather than elect Hillary’s husband President.? I cannot imagine how anyone can credibly say that they supported H.W. over Clinton but then suddenly became a Clinton Democrat in 2008.? I just can’t fathom the mental political gymnastics to make that possible.

Sarah Palin has nothing in common with Hillary Clinton, and it’s a proven political myth to suggest that there was a bunch of PUMAs who decided to go with McCain because Sarah Palin was his nominee.? That was McCain’s cynical calculation, but it didn’t work.? Obama beat McCain thirteen points among women voters and the “gender gap” was the same as in 2004.

If you “left” the Democratic Party to vote for Sarah Palin, then you were never IN the Democratic Party in the first place.? Because the only thing these women have in common is that they have vaginas, are mothers, and have been involved in politics.? That’s it.

They don’t agree on the issues, and Palin is the anti-intellectual while Clinton is an admitted policy wonk.? Any person who thought that Palin would appeal to Clinton voters must have thought anyone with a vagina was a good substitute to us.? They were wrong because we cared more about what weas in her head than in her pantsuit.

The only thing more laughable than someone as devoutly anti-intellectual as Sarah Palin writing a book is the idiots who will read it and proclaim its “genius.”

Rowsey, you aren’t “us.”? You never was.? Enjoy standing in line buying Sarah’s totally awesome secret campaign diary.