I have Sarah Palin fatigue.  Seriously, I don’t understand all the attention this “book” is getting.  By all accounts, this book doesn’t add anything to the political discourse.  It contains no political philosophy at all.  All it does it extend a half-term Governor’s 15 minutes of fame into an hour of recapping the fifteen minutes.  It’s the kind of stretching time with no real substantive material that would make the producers of American Idol jealous.  It’s basically Sarah Palin’s totally awesome campaign diary.  That’s all.

Sarah Palin’s is such a huge political figure that she couldn’t stand the Democratic criticism in one of the few States where her party seems to have an uniform lock on power to stay in office.  Nope, THIS book is why the people of Alaska have a Governor who’s there without the vote of the people he represents.  Granted it’s just Alaska’s democracy, but is this book worth it?

Sarah Palin’s entire claim to fame is not her half-term, not Tina Fey on “SNL”, nor even her being the Vice-Presidential nominee on the McCain ticket.  It’s because she’s the living embodiment of the very thing that is killing conservatism: crafted politicians who gobble up the pseudo-psychology of Frank Luntz where political philosophy is confused with bumper sticker sloganeerism.  The social warrior who seems to be warring more with intellectualism and the concept of objective facts all the while tilting at multiculturalism and the concept that America was not designed to be a theocracy.

She ignites the base passions of the social conservatives while recoiling the intellectual conservative, the moderates, and the independents.  The civil war brewing in the Republican Party now to define itself is symbolized by the seductive wink of the box-framed eyes of Sarah.

She didn’t do anything in the special election in the NY-23 district that she hadn’t already done to McCain in 2008.  She Scozzafavied McCain before Palin made Scozzafaving moderate Republicans cool.  As a result, she pushed out just about every elected moderate Republican in the Northeast on the ballot in 2008.  NY-23 was just par for the course for Sarah.

Her book, by all accounts, is nothing but a self-serving revisionist history of how she could have saved the McCain ticket… and Republicanism in general had people just listened to her.  No hint of acknowledgement that her bombastic and wreckless rhetoric in playing the hatchet “hockey mom” schtick maybe went too far, tarnished her image, and perhaps, turned away more people than it brought.

Her book, by literary standards, is as vapid and vain as Carrie Prejean’s book, who has also been making the rounds also complaining on every channel and in every major newspaper about how hard it is for conservative women to be heard in MSM that they just had to take this million dollar book advance and do this book tour so that they can promote their latest book about how conservatives are silenced.  And they are silenced … by Glenn Beck’s book about how conservatives are silenced…. and Ann Coulter’s…. and Michelle Malkin’s.  Each book is nothing more than a  different flavors of the same crap.

Vapid and Vain:  the Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean Talk Show.  It would save us all alot of channel flipping.  I’m not going to read Sarah Palin’s book.  Not because of some liberal conspiracy to silence her but because both she and Prejean have demonstrated time and time again that they have nothing interesting to say.  Everything is nothing more for them cash in while creating fodder for the next public relations campaign in which they can make money telling people, ad naseum, how nobody will listen to them.  In not one interview have I walked away with even a greater insight as to them as a person.  It’s just the same rehashing of the same 15 minutes of fame that I almost can’t wait to read the Balloon Boy’s book.  Palin’s next book is how the Media tried to silence her by making her look bad while she was trying to promote her current book.  It’ll hit shelves right before the ’10 midterms.

We’ve been forced to listen to you on Oprah, the networks, each of the cable t.v. news channels.  Nobody is gagging you.  So, you have our attention, so what is that you have to say already?

That our prior unwillingness to put aside our own narrative to listen to yours was an affront to our most sacred values of our constitution?  Really?  You realize you sound like a spoiled brat that doesn’t like to be the center of attention rather than someone qualified to write a book, let alone be President, right?