Bill Todd long ago mastered the art of being a slimeball political operative. But a few years back he decided he wanted to get elected to office. No office in particular, mind you. Just some office.

So first he moved from Powell to Columbus in 2005 so he could run for mayor. That plan didn’t work out so well. His campaign was a complete and total failure. Crash and burn. Enough said.

But Bill would not give up his dream that easily.

Soon he left Columbus and relocated to Bexley which just happens to be in Ohio’s 20th District. No big surprise what was going to happen next, I guess.

But I just got the ‘official’ news from a Gongwer tweet:

Bexley GOP’s Bill Todd running for House, 20th District. Incumbent Garland (D-New Albany). Todd ran for Columbus mayor, oppposed tax hike.

Suddenly the race for Ohio 20 just got interesting.