The video of Pam Geller’s opening comments from today’s “I hate Muslims more than you” rally in Columbus is included below.

Lot of things to see here:

1. Pam has no fucking clue what she is talking about (see below)

2. Pam can’t seem to find pants that fit.

3. Pam’s low-class, long-islandly accent is nearly as annoying as her inability to hide the fact that she has absolutely no concern for the welfare of the young lady in question and is really only concerned with furthering her own hateful, anti-Muslim agenda.

Pam opens her comments by asking “where is Rifqa?” while questioning the motives of the Franklin County officials responsible for guaranteeing the safety and wellbeing of this young, runaway girl.

The answer, of course, is: It’s none of your god damn business Pam.

Rifqa is a minor and she’s currently in the foster care system. For obvious reasons the State can not, and should not, provide detailed information about kids in foster care. ESPECIALLY not to random, out-of-state, wingnut bloggers like you.

You can ask as many times and in as many ways as you like: “Why won’t they tell me where she is?” But the answer will always be the same: because it’s against the law** you ignorant fuck.

Truth be told, the REAL target of Pam’s anger is President Obama. You know… that evil secret Muslim. And if you don’t believe me then jump ahead to about 3 mins and 40 seconds where Pam goes off on a rant about how we “need to take back our own country” and how the White House is secretly installing cookies on to the computers of everyone who visits her lame-ass blog.

I promise you, Pam. No one at the White House gives a crap about you and your stupid blog.

I’m happy you had a fun time in Ohio. But please go home now. We don’t need more nasty old ladies spreading their ignorant, christofascist messages of hatred and intolerance in our state.

** The Ohio Supreme Court Decision, Renfro, 54 Ohio St. 3d 25 (1990) sets forth that family and children records are private and confidential. And they are not open to state information requests per 149.43.2.