Anastasia catches Jennifer Garrison doing more image rehab by hopping on the bandwagon of an elections process bill. She also wonders out loud whether Jen will try to co-opt a bill intended to prevent unwanted pregnancies through improved access to birth control and comprehensive sex education.

Garrison is to the right of most Dems on women’s reproductive issues and, as Anastasia points out, the recent furor in Dem circles over the Stupak amendment to the Health Care Reform Act makes it an inconvenient time for a Democrat running for statewide office to hold views to the right of most Democrats in the state.

I have to agree with her here:

Garrison can call press conferences and co-opt all the election bills she wants. Her position on choice is GOING to be an issue in this campaign, and the sooner she and the Ohio Democratic Party face up to it, the better.

We’re going to need to hear from Garrison on this. Soon. We’re not hard to reach. 😉

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