So I asked the Center for Families and Children what is going on with Lee Fisher’s treasurer, Jan Roller, holding some cryptic meeting in their building “about” the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party.? Here was the response from Lisa Goss, their spokesperson.

The event scheduled for tomorrow morning is not a CFC-sponsored event.

The Center for Families and Children?s Mandel Community Room is available for rent to any member of the community. There is both a nonprofit and for-profit room rate.

In lawyer land, we call this….um….nonresponsive!? So I asked who is renting the room, and at what rate.? Here’s the response from Lisa Goss.

It?s a private group, paying the for-profit rate + the contact?s first name is Angela.


Well, that explains it all, doesn’t it!? I don’t know if Lee Fisher’s campaign is planning to use the Center for Families and Children for campaign purposes, or to conduct a coup of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, or for a seance, but if the Center for Families and Children wants to play cryptic like this until the May primary, they are certainly free to do so.? Probably not the best idea, though.