Interesting email going around.? Remember Lee Fisher’s $300,000 per year job at the Center for Families and Children, about which no one could figure out (a) why so much money, and (b) to do what exactly?? Maybe we should ask Jan Roller, Lee’s treasurer, on Tuesday morning at the Center for Families and Children offices.

Meeting About Cuyahoga County Democratic Party
This meeting being hosted by Jan Roller, Executive Committee member, Ohio Democratic Party; Angela Shuckahosee, member, Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s Caucus,; and Tom Bullock, Executive Committee member, Cuyahoga County Democratic Party,, will be at 7:30 AM at the Center for Families and Children located at 4500 Euclid downtown Cleveland. Please park in the parking lot accessed from E. 46th Street and enter the building from its east side. RSVP to

So many questions here.? Is it proper for a non-profit to be hosting partisan activities like this?? What’s this rather cryptically named “Meeting About Cuyahoga County Democratic Party” …er…. about?? Why is Lee Fisher’s treasurer, who is also on the Executive Committee of ODP, hosting it and sending out invites, and taking RSVPs?? Is ODP planning a coup against Pat Britt, current interim county chair?? On the property of a non-profit?? Which happens to be Lee Fisher’s old employer?

Something doesn’t look kosher here.? I’m emailing this to the Center, and asking, basically, WTF?