I spent a few minutes today researching emotive, John Kasich’s Virginia-based website design and hosting company. It turns out they have some experience working with political campaigns, including the senate campaign of fellow Virginian George “Macaca” Allen.

Allen, as you probably remember, was running pretty strongly for reelection to the Senate when he was caught on film referring to a young Indian-American man as Macaca – a French-inspired slur basically meaning nigger.

And when faced with a client who utters racial slurs in public, did the the dedicated folks at emotive turn their backs on Allen? No way! They stuck with him to the very end. As a matter of fact, they went above and beyond what would normally be considered excellent client service. It turns out our pal Matt Briney actually gave his client’s campaign a $250 contribution a full month after Allen’s racist comments were made public. Now THAT is dedication. (also, maybe kind of racist)

As I previously predicted and still continue to believe, Kasich’s well known, assholish behavior is very likely to yield a similar macaca moment for him some time during this campaign. And I imagine Kasich probably knows this too. Which may very well be why he chose to go with emotive for his web presence.

Hey, if they ain’t going to leave you for being a racist, they sure as hell aren’t going to dump you just because someone catches you on film berating a waitress for bringing you the wrong drink or yelling at potential donors on the golf course.

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