• The same people who think the Bengals aren’t ready for Steelers after the Steelers show rejuvenation after Monday’s game against Denver are the same people who said the Bengals couldn’t beat the Ravens after the Ravens showed rebirth after playing . . . Denver.  Maybe these teams aren’t back in the old form as much as Denver is?
  • I don’t think the Ravens cared which quarterback Mangini started this weekend.  That call doesn’t keep Ray Lewis up at night with night terrors.
  • Jamal Lewis’ last year in the NFL is this season with the Browns… that’s kind of sad even for a guy like me that hates all things Ravens.
  • Speaking of JLew, earlier this week he complained about the intensity of Eric Mangini’s practices, saying he never wore pads for as long in practices in Baltimore than he does now under Mangini and that not only gasses the players by gameday, but could lead to increased injuries before gameday.  Today, Mangini said in a press conference that he and Lewis had a heart-to-heart, but agreed to to disagree.  He then announced that defensive end Keith Grennan was injured in practice and would need surgery on Monday.  Grennan was just promoted to the active roster this week.  No, Mangini didn’t see the irony of the two stories; why do you ask?
  • After seeing the Ravens embarrassed against Cincinnati last weekend, I bet Brady Quinn was really pulling for Derek Anderson (and vice versa) to get the starting job for a Ravens team looking for revenge… especially given that it was his first half performance against the first Ravens game that led him to be pulled.
  • If Eric Mangini is fired in his first season, I’m pretty sure the Browns will have the longest and most expensive payroll of ex-team officials in the NFL.
  • Anyone ever believe you’d see the day that the Steelers’ strategy would be to stop the Bengals’ running game AND the Bengals’ strategy would be stopping the Steelers’ passing game?  It’s like it’s opposite season in the AFC North.
  • Why did LeBron wait until Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade starting talking about their conversations about playing on the same team before he told the media he wouldn’t talk about his approaching free agency status anymore?  (And, no, I don’t think it was intended to suggest a LeBron, Shaq, Wade triangle of awesomeness.)  Glad he did it, but the timing was odd.
  • If U.C. (#5) beats WV (#25) tonight and Pitt (#12), then their current ranking will be justified.  But right now the Bearcats biggest opponent has been South Florida in a schedule that has included Miami University (OH) (1-10), Southeast Missouri State and a game last week in which UConn almost stole the game from them.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see an “upset” tonight at all.
  • The Iowa-Ohio State matchup is the game of the week regardless of which Terrelle Pryor shows up.  It’s the closest thing to a BigTen championship game you’re going to see this year and whomever wins likely will play in the Rose Bowl.  How often do you see a game with this kind of stakes at this point in the season?
  • Am I the only person who didn’t notice the World Series?