From the daily archives: Friday, November 13, 2009

So while we are on the topic of people from Virginia trying to influence Ohio politics

Take a quick look at the domain registration record for

Created On:19-Jul-2009 01:00:48 UTC
Registrant Name:Norman Cummings
Registrant Street1:388 Meadows Drive
Registrant City:Lancaster
Registrant State/Province:Virginia
Registrant Postal Code:22503
Registrant Phone:+1.8044623429

Yep, that’s good old Norm Cummings again. Former Blackwell campaign staffer, friend of Carlo Loparo and all around not-nice guy.

It turns out that Mr. Cummings registered the domain name just days after Governor Strickland signed an […]

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I spent a few minutes today researching emotive, John Kasich’s Virginia-based website design and hosting company. It turns out they have some experience working with political campaigns, including the senate campaign of fellow Virginian George “Macaca” Allen.

Allen, as you probably remember, was running pretty strongly for reelection to the Senate when he was caught on film referring to a young Indian-American man as Macaca – a French-inspired slur basically meaning nigger.

And when faced with a client who utters racial slurs in public, did the the dedicated folks at emotive turn their backs on Allen? No way! […]

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The same people who think the Bengals aren’t ready for Steelers after the Steelers show rejuvenation after Monday’s game against Denver are the same people who said the Bengals couldn’t beat the Ravens after the Ravens showed rebirth after playing . . . Denver.  Maybe these teams aren’t back in the old form as much as Denver is? I don’t think the Ravens cared which quarterback Mangini started this weekend.  That call doesn’t keep Ray Lewis up at night with night terrors. Jamal Lewis’ last year in the NFL is this season with the Browns… that’s kind of sad even […]

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I’ll do it – and “report” back – if you ask.

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How often do you see this?? Today, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections announced, via an affidavit in federal court, that it has adopted a new lethal injection protocol.? The protocol was necessary after several death row inmates challenged the constitutionality of Ohio’s lethal injection method of executions under the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution after a few executions were practically botched.? In fact, Governor Strickland issued a temporary reprieve of one inmate, after he spent two hours literally sobbing on the execution table as he unsuccessfully tried to assist the execution team find a suitable vein in […]

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Jon Keeling, everyone’s favorite taxpayer funded, former John Kasich staffer, Ohio Republican douchebag blogger, is really tipping his hand lately.? Yesterday, Jon Keeling made it clear he’d rather that Rob Portman run against Lee Fisher.? Today, he takes a silly shot at Tom Ganley, Portman’s teabagging, NY23 Doug Hoffman endorsing, teleprompter reading primary opponent from Tea Party Central Casting.

I’m beginning to like Jon Keeling.? But I’m REALLY beginning to like Tom Ganley.

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From De Magno Opere:

Which begs the question of why men – whether they are religiously banned from marriage or merely popularly elected officials – feel they have the obligation (much less the right) to decide for women what they should and should not do with their bodies.

Someday, I expect a damn good answer…

Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer.

I’ll agree with Modern who earlier said DMO doesn’t get read enough or enough credit as a great Ohio political blog. I’ve been a fan for a long time. You also have to read […]

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Forget the GOP Senate primary.? If you’re looking for evidence of Tea Bagger rebellion in the GOP in Ohio, look at the potentially GOP primaries for the Secretary of State’s race (Former House Speaker/Man of Many Residences Jon Husted v. County Treasurer/Social Conservative gladfly Sandy O’Brien) and the Attorney General’s race (Former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine v. Delaware County Prosecutor David Yost.)

Last night, the Yost campaign announced it was endorsed over DeWine by the Butler County Republican Party.? If you’re not familiar with Ohio GOP geopolitics, let me explain it to you this way.? Think about your […]

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Please note the new time (we realized everyone would be commuting home at the original 5 p.m. time).

Just wanted to remind you to come back at 3 p.m. today as we discuss with Sandy Theis the Issue 3 campaign, what remains to be worked out with legalized casino gambling now that Issue 3 passed, and other issues.? We’ll all be available to take questions and maybe give you a look ahead for the coming week.

We’ve embedded the player below into this post. If you will want to join the chat, you’ll need to get a BlogTalkRadio account […]

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I like to let breaking poll numbers sit for a while before commenting.? Let them age and cure.? So here’s my take on the recent spate of polling in Ohio.

I’ve written often that the current crop at ODP has yet to understand that they are where they are not because they know what they’re doing, but because of George W. Bush, Bob Taft, and Tom Noe, i.e., the political climate.? As a consultant, or a candidate, or some douchebag chairman of the ODP, if you do not internalize this fact, you are doomed to be vulnerable the next time […]

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Another reason why the Bush administration was a total joke.? The mastermind of 9/11 was never tried.? Until Barack Obama became president.? I can’t think of a better place for the trial, although his lawyer will have a good argument for change of venue.? Can’t imagine a judge granting that, since trying him anywhere in the US would present the same problem.

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