Embarrassed. That’s how you’d feel if you were a wingnut blogger and had any sense of self awareness whatsoever. Those who have written vile, racist tinged posts about President Obama’s Veteran’s Day activities and visit to Fort Hood have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Their hatred so blinds them that a clear sense of reality is simply out of reach.

They want to portray this President as uncaring, insensitive, and without compassion. No matter what the truth may be. It’s nice to get an unfettered view into the real President Obama to counter these sycophant wingnut lunatics. James Meek gives us just that. During a visit to friends graves in Arlington National Cemetery, James had a chance meeting with our President:

What I got was an unexpected look into the eyes of a man who intertwined his roles as commander in chief and consoler in chief on a solemn day filled with remembrance and respect for sacrifices made – and sacrifices yet to be made.

I’m sure the cynics will assume this was just another Obama photo-op.

If they’d been standing in my boots looking him in the eye, they would have surely choked on their bile.

His presence in Section 60 convinced me that he now carries the heavy burden of command.

Choked on their own bile indeed.

President Obama earlier this evening addressed troops in Alaska on his way to Asia. He continues to embody everything a Commander in Chief is supposed to be. His strong, but measured words are precisely the temperament we need in the Oval Office. He told the troops he would not hesitate to deploy force to protect the nation, but that he would not risk their lives without a clear mission and exit plan. Such words must be some comfort to even those Republican supporting service members in the ranks. They now have a leader who both appreciates their service and treads lightly on decisions that will put them in harms way.

Attempts to portray President Obama as uncaring and without compassion should be met with mocking laughter. Those would would make such arguments have no grip on reality.