The best indicator that Republicans would rather face Lee Fisher in 2010 than Jennifer Brunner is the fevered rush by Ohio’s right wing blog nutcases to declare Brunner’s campaign dead.? Witness former John Kasich staffer, current and career-long suckling of the government teat, Jon Keeling, who blogs from his Homeland Security paid for computer precisely that declaration.

…Brunner is toast….

…End story? Brunner continues to slightly trail Fisher. This means she’s toast….

…Brunner has little to no shot…

…that’s ridiculously bad news for Brunner….

Tell us what you really think, Jon!? Are you able to adjust that taxpayer funded nervous tick to say Brunner is toast 8 times in one blog post instead of 4?? You can do better than that!? Come on, I like a good circus act.