From the daily archives: Thursday, November 12, 2009

From what I can tell Mathew Briney seems like a nice enough guy.

Kind of nerdy. Recently married. A little chubby. Losing his hair from the front on back. Originally from New Jersey but went to school in Virginia. Overall… doesn’t seem like a horrible person.

Kind of reminds me a little of myself.

However, unlike me, Matt is not from Ohio. Not sure he’s ever been here, actually. And yet the website for John Kasich, Republican candidate for Ohio Governor, is being completely managed by Briney and his company emotive.

It strikes me as kind of strange […]

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The Republican National Committee?s health insurance plan covers elective abortion ? a procedure the party?s own platform calls ?a fundamental assault on innocent human life.?

According to several Cigna employees, the insurer offers its customers the opportunity to opt out of abortion coverage ? and the RNC did not choose to opt out.

Spokespeeps say they are going to fix it. They were unaware. Blah blah blah. A policy that has been in place since 1991 was not scrutinized before? These are the people who want to win leadership in this country? Sheer incompetence. Maybe the RNC just […]

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RNC insurance plan covers abortion.? Oh darn.

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Is there a delete button at Progress Ohio? Someone needs to use it.

Hell, give me admin privileges again and I’ll do it.

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Embarrassed. That’s how you’d feel if you were a wingnut blogger and had any sense of self awareness whatsoever. Those who have written vile, racist tinged posts about President Obama’s Veteran’s Day activities and visit to Fort Hood have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Their hatred so blinds them that a clear sense of reality is simply out of reach.

They want to portray this President as uncaring, insensitive, and without compassion. No matter what the truth may be. It’s nice to get an unfettered view into the real President Obama to counter these sycophant […]

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The best indicator that Republicans would rather face Lee Fisher in 2010 than Jennifer Brunner is the fevered rush by Ohio’s right wing blog nutcases to declare Brunner’s campaign dead.? Witness former John Kasich staffer, current and career-long suckling of the government teat, Jon Keeling, who blogs from his Homeland Security paid for computer precisely that declaration.

…Brunner is toast….

…End story? Brunner continues to slightly trail Fisher. This means she’s toast….

…Brunner has little to no shot…

…that’s ridiculously bad news for Brunner….

Tell us what you really think, Jon!? Are you able to adjust that taxpayer funded […]

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With friends like these…

On November 12, 2009 By

The editorial board of the Canton Repository comes to the rescue of Democratic freshman Congressman John Boccieri over his controversial vote against the House Democratic health insurance reform bill…

by suggesting he should support the kind of health care insurance reform advocated by the Cato Institute and John Boehner.

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Back in September, the Fisher campaign, and its willful allies in Old Media, were practically crowing about a Quinnpiac poll showing Fisher with his first beyond the margin of error, nine-point lead over Jennifer Brunner and significant, but tight lead over Republican Rob Portman in a general election matchup.

Today, amazingly, that same Dayton Daily News reporter failed to note the evidence of Brunner’s resurgence in the polls. (But the Plain Dealer didn’t.)

Brunner saw a five-point bounce in her head-to-head primary matchup with Fisher since September.  That is significant movement.  On […]

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Behold the power of faith and the miracle that is the modern day Catholic Church:

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington said Wednesday that it will be unable to continue the social service programs it runs for the District if the city doesn’t change a proposed same-sex marriage law, a threat that could affect tens of thousands of people the church helps with adoption, homelessness and health care.

We’d rather hurt the poor, the underprivileged, the lesser among us, than to deal with teh gay. We’re willing to hang those we serve out to dry in order to continue […]

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A few months ago Governor Strickland, with bipartisan support from the General Assembly, put forward a solution to mend a huge hole in the state budget by allowing slot machines at Ohio’s race tracks.

Obviously it wasn’t the best possible solution, but it was, in fact, a solution – which is much more than any of the Republican legislatures had come up with at the time.

Enter Carlo Loparo. Loparo is a good friend of Ken Blackwell whose disasterous campaign for Governor he helped mismanage. He was also a highly paid consultant for the conservative ‘think tank’ (read: lobbying group […]

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The thing about this video is the smug nature in which Sean and his Faux News team treat his “apology” about an “inadvertent” mistake they made airing false video footage. It’s as if they think they are so smart to have gotten away with it. They wouldn’t even acknowledge it but for the fact that Stewart expertly skewered their asses.

Nothing about this was inadvertent. If they hadn’t meant to air misleading footage they’d have no reason to produce a graphic entitled “Earlier”. This graphic was clearly meant to be a disclaimer of sorts and also mislead […]

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