Pho has been blogging on and off lately, which is good.? I’d like to see more voices out of Akron.? Pho comes late to the Carville-Begala Tea Party party.

The first finding they emphasize is that the participants persuaded them that race is not the basis for their nearly universal loathing of Obama. You can question this study based on the bias of the investigators, but this is a hard conclusion to dispute. After all, the easy and advantageous (for Dems) conclusion would be that anti-Obama conservatives are just a bunch of unreconstructed bigots. That they find the opposite certainly is a credible finding and gives extra credence to the project generally.

That’s great argument right there – the conclusion gives credibility to the conclusion!? As far as the participants “persuading” Carville and Begala they aren’t bigots when it comes to Obama, bigots have become quite practiced at this persuasion.? Like Carville and Begala, Pho simply fails to ask the obvious follow up, and merely concludes they’re all bonkers.

As I said in my previous post, it’s a manifestly bad thing that some twenty percent of the electorate is bonkers.

The obvious question is why.? What could possibly make this huge chunk of the electorate, and the entire base of the Republican Party, believe to their core a canon of falsehoods and paranoia this bizarre?? Did they just go bonkers on November 4, 2008?? Or were they bonkers before?? Why is it Obama who suddenly makes them go bonkers?

The only credible answer to this question is racism.?? Yes, an economic collapse does tend to create a similar level of unease in the electorate.? Yes, this paranoia has been stoked for decades by the leadership of the Republican Party.? Yes, the Republican Party’s base is far less educated than the average American.


Every crackpot theory over the centuries used to justify racism – from eugenics, to the fear of slave uprising, to the myth of black men feeding on white girls – it isn’t just eerily similar to this crackpot canon of the Republican base, it’s precisely the same thing.? It’s even been given unvarnished voice, with talk radio, Glenn Beck, and the entire right wing media tossing aside any pretense, and just going straight for incitement.? I can understand why Carville and Begala would want to avoid entering this fray, and took the “I’m not racist I know black people” defense from their focus group, and got the hell outta there.? I don’t understand why a blogger like Pho would dismiss it.? Pho is right about his own conclusion.

Additionally, I think its incumbent on us non-crazy, reality-based folk to continually point this out.

Couldn’t agree more.? But you can’t “continually point this out” unless what you’re pointing out is truth.? And the truth is that this level of bonkers, at its fundamental core, is jet-fueled by racism.?? Twenty percent of the electorate may, in fact, be bonkers, yes.? Unless we’re going to medically diagnose them as such, the only conceivable cause is that they’re also bigots.

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