One of the great thing about being more engaged in the blogosphere again is finding good stuff others are doing. Back in the day that was probably the most fun for me. OK, a close second to banging on wingnuts. Hehe.

Pho is great when he’s on and his latest is really good stuff:

Some weeks ago I argued that the vituperative criticism of Obama from the right was not, as some suggested, driven by racism but was the result of the right wing being nuts. Not nuts in the sense that they disagree with me, but nuts in that they increasingly subscribe to paranoid fantasies untethered to the real world as anyone else perceives it.

The entire post is worth the read and Pho even sites scientific evidence of the descent into la-la land. His conclusion is something that many of us have been pointing out for quite some time. Namely, when it comes to the GOP and rightwing whackos, “all their base are belong to them”:

The hardcore right described in the report comprise the grassroots foot soldiers of the Republican party. They are the ones who do things like run party moderate out of elections — and the party. As such, the crazies in the Republican party have real influence on one of the only two real parties in our democracy.

Scott references a previous post in which he posits that it’s not racism but severe partisan politics that is driving the right further from reality and affecting the Republican Party in negative ways. I happen to think they are not mutually exclusive. They are both racist and crazy. In fact, you could possibly even argue that deep seated racism – the kind that manifests itself in sock puppets and dead monkey cartoons – is the very thing that is causing them to lose touch with reality.

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