From the daily archives: Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Michele Bachmann’s recent attempt to stoke the tea party embers into a raging fire of conservative dumbassery appears to have failed quite miserably. Reports say there were about 10,000 at the rally. Sean Hannity of Faux News and Bachmann try to stretch that to 20-45,000. Jon Stewart…eh…not ready to let them get away with it.

…and here it is your moment of Zen:

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Glen Beck on Clearance

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Wandering around my local Target tonight I happened to pass this CLEARANCE endcap between the luggage aisle and the lightbulb section…

It was there that I found a bunch of copies of Glen Beck’s book on sale for a couple of bucks, along side some school-locker locks, an LED lantern, some car polishing rags and an outdated version of one of those guitar games.

Nothing worth buying here. Moved on to the dental health aisle.

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I thought the H1N1 vaccine was a plot to kill us, so we shouldn’t want it.? Or was it a socialist scheme to brainwash our children?? No, today it’s a scheme to favor those black kids in public schools over conservative brainwashing….er….I mean those precious home schooled balls of joy who aren’t around other kids and can’t infect huge numbers of children if they get the flu!

I am a patient adversary. As such, I will wait patiently for the opportunity to wage the war of Armageddon against these hypocritical brood of vipers?and oh what a glorious war that […]

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Lou Dobbs FINALLY Leaves CNN

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When I’m working from home, which seems to be pretty often lately, I almost always have CNN on in the background all day long. Except, of course, when Lou fucking Dobbs comes on. Then I have to find the remote and change to the History Channel or Discovery to avoid suffering through Lou’s rants about how illegal immigrants caused another bank to fail or how illegal immigrants are responsible for the problems the US military is facing in Afghanistan.

Thankfully I won’t have to switch the channel any more.

Lou Dobbs announced today that he’s leaving CNN to “engage […]

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Just in time to prove Tim right, we have Rose at Tom Blumer’s Bizzyblog:

The hood goes to the fort? Are you fucking kidding me? Is this serious?

Pho, I think the racism may be driving them to the crazy my friend.

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Veterans Day Blogger Roundup

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Ohio Bloggers posting on Veteran’s Day

Plunderbund (Eric)
Plunderbund (Amber)
Buckey State Blog
De Magno Opere
Howard Empowered People
Man with the Muck Rake
ODP (which had to have taken forever)
Progress Ohio

If I left any out or any get added, let me know in comments.

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A little something else for Veteran’s Day:

The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), released findings from their analysis of three surveys related to veterans and volunteering. Their report shows that volunteering helps bolster ties to the community and eases the transition back to civilian life.

Fifty-five percent of volunteering veterans say the transition is going well, a full 9 points higher than non-volunteering veterans. Forty-eight percent of volunteering veterans also report that the needs of their family are being met, compared with 38 percent of non-volunteering veterans.

Check out the report here.


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Veterans Day always sits heavy on me. Growing up a military brat, I’ve seen first hand the sacrifices that are made daily by those who serve. The big and the little sacrifices that provides for the common defense. I witnessed mostly the little things. I’ve only heard stories about the big ones. One of those stories is the experience of my wife’s grandpa.

Bob landed in Normandy 3 weeks after the invasion. One of the first things he witnessed was an American GI who had been run over by a tank and killed. A quick introduction to the atrocities of […]

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I cut my political teeth as a campus coordinator for Dennis Kucinich’s quixotic primary challenge to Mary Rose Oakar in 1988.? He lost 75-25.? There were like 4 people at the election night party, two of whom were me and my fellow CSU student intern friend.? It was one of the earliest formative experiences of my political career.? I spent a lot of time around Dennis, and those close to him.? Dennis has been my congressman for most of the years he’s been in Congress.? He was my mayor when I was a kid.

So I know what kind of […]

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Pho has been blogging on and off lately, which is good.? I’d like to see more voices out of Akron.? Pho comes late to the Carville-Begala Tea Party party.

The first finding they emphasize is that the participants persuaded them that race is not the basis for their nearly universal loathing of Obama. You can question this study based on the bias of the investigators, but this is a hard conclusion to dispute. After all, the easy and advantageous (for Dems) conclusion would be that anti-Obama conservatives are just a bunch of unreconstructed bigots. That they find the opposite […]

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One of the great thing about being more engaged in the blogosphere again is finding good stuff others are doing. Back in the day that was probably the most fun for me. OK, a close second to banging on wingnuts. Hehe.

Pho is great when he’s on and his latest is really good stuff:

Some weeks ago I argued that the vituperative criticism of Obama from the right was not, as some suggested, driven by racism but was the result of the right wing being nuts. Not nuts in the sense that they disagree with me, but nuts […]

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