My friends at the Alliance for American Manufacturing directed me to this depressing article on the “Fastest Dying Cities” from Forbes. It says that Youngstown, Canton, Dayton and Cleveland are among the “worst” cities.

Luckily, AAM also linked me to this video about how this destruction of my home state can be reversed:

It looks like the federal government is extending a hand, but where are the companies – and the jobs? The fact that 84% of the stimulus money set aside for investing in clean energy has gone to foreign companies tells me something is lacking in our corporations and entrepreneurs (not to mention in the legislation)!

I know we can do better.

And unless everyone in Ohio simply wants to decide between a career as a stockbroker or a hamburger-flipper, we’d better speed things up. (Watch the 3-minute video to hear one of my heroes, Leo Gerard, on this career choice!)

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