From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The effect of money on our politics has been an age old problem. I don’t have a problem with money in politics. I have a problem when money begins to distort the focus on the “public” part of public service. Money causing politicians to defer their constituent needs for those of their paymasters is also nothing new. It was a finely crafted art which relied on one thing to make it work. Obscurity. What the people don’t know, they can’t hold you accountable for.

This era ended with the Internet and the explosion of web enabled data tools that […]

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Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy knows that the national Republicans have painted a big target on her back.? She knows she’s likely facing a rematch from her ’08 opponent in which she narrowly won thanks, in part, to a high youth turnout fueled by the presidential election that is unlikely to materialize in ’10.

And yet, she not only voted for the House health insurance reform bill, but she also voted against the Stupak anti-choice amendment.

If you’ve got some spare change, give Kilroy some coin.? If you live in the area and have some spare time, then give […]

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I’m imagining a big flourish of an invite to the White House.? “Joe,” Rahm says, “the president wants you to come to the Oval Office? I’ll meet you at the front portico.”? Joe smiles with satisfaction as he hangs up, says to the chief of staff, “call the car around.? Get cameras to the front portico.”

Joe walks his power walk to the car, the driver opens the door, and Joe rides in style up to the front portico.? Flash bulbs pop, cable covers it live.? Joe shakes hands with the Marines guarding the entrance, and there’s Rahm, smiling.? Rahm […]

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This is what a good blogging day looks like. Day one of Plunderbund 2.0 was an absolute success. We tripled our normal traffic. We were able to get 4 of the 5 main bloggers active, crank out 18 posts, and get this thing kicked off right. We also got Amber involved, which was great. More on that – and other possible new additions – coming soon.

Like the Fab Four, we’re going to be ripping and running and causing much mischief. We may not post 18 tomorrow – we were a bit excited today – but things are […]

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