The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

If anyone thought Democratic Congressman John Boccieri’s vote against the health reform bill Saturday night would give him cover from the GOP, they might want a second opinion.

So does that mean everything is copacetic between Boccieri and the GOP since he voted no on the health bill? Will they take him off their endangered species list?


"Boccieri left his constituents behind a long time ago — when he supported the trillion dollar stimulus bill and the national energy tax, which will cost Ohioans jobs and nearly $2,000 in new taxes," Mazzola told The Plain Dealer.

Where did we hear that before today?  Hmmm…. I’m stumped.

Meanwhile, the Plain Dealer also reported that Boccieri is getting an eyeful (earful?) from his Facebook friends.

So it ends with stating that Boccieri might still vote for health care reform "if the Senate fixes the bill to his liking."  Being the only moderate holdout (why Kucinich continues to get much of a pass just pisses me off), means that if the Senate gives him a "do over" he’s going to vote yes.