This is what a good blogging day looks like. Day one of Plunderbund 2.0 was an absolute success. We tripled our normal traffic. We were able to get 4 of the 5 main bloggers active, crank out 18 posts, and get this thing kicked off right. We also got Amber involved, which was great. More on that – and other possible new additions – coming soon.

Like the Fab Four, we’re going to be ripping and running and causing much mischief. We may not post 18 tomorrow – we were a bit excited today – but things are sure to be ramped up here big time ongoing. Thanks to everyone who visited, commented, became a fan on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, and a special thanks to those who sent us private notes of support. We appreciate it all and will do our best to keep rockin’ it.

With that we rest. It’s been a hard day’s night:

PS – One of the things we are going to bring back is the longstanding PB Late Night Theatre. It’s fun. It breaks the political monotony. It’s old school PB. We’re glad to hear what you’d like to see/hear. We try to make them topical to the day or week. Send your requests to

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