I work for a small business.

I just got married.

I thought it would be a good idea to investigate whether or not I should switch to my husband?s health insurance plan.

I had no idea how HUGE the price difference would be!

My company struggles every year to figure out how to continue covering our employees ? my boss covers all of our premiums and gives us the best insurance he can. There have been years when we decide to skip any pay increase so that we can maintain our health insurance coverage (which has gone up 30% in one year).

Now, switch to my husband?s insurance.

He works for a large international corporation. We have 7 employees; his firm has more than 170,000.

They can provide me similar coverage for 1/6th the price my company pays! Seriously, for what my boss pays to cover me for TWO months, the large company can cover me for an entire year!

Two lessons:

  1. No matter what they say, our policymakers don?t care about small businesses.
  2. When a large institution can spread the costs/risks associated with health care among its people, it can save A LOT of money. I wonder how much money a government program made up of 300 million people could save!? Hmmm?
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