I first met John Boccieri on the Tim Ryan campaign trail in 2002.? Boccieri always struck me as very Marc Dann-ish;? always hovering around, sniffing out the political winds, looking for whatever angle he could help himself to.? Seemed like a nice guy, but I always got the sense he was up to something.? When Boccieri joined the military, seemed very Josh Mandel-ish to me.? Look at me in uniform!? People like Boccieri think they’re smarter than everyone else, and that no one notices their blatant careerism.

When Boccieri got elected to Congress, it was one of those blind-squirrel-finds-a-nut moments.? Like so many people unprepared for a lightning strike, political wind began to blow Boccieri’s way, and suddenly…congressman!? Whoopie!? Problem being that once a smarter-than-thou phony, always such.? Prepared for it or not.

Which is why John Boccieri will be the first Democrat to go in 2010.? Not because any groundswell of progressive outrage will make him gone over his patently absurd health care bill vote.? No, what voters really hate, of any political persuasion, is a preening, posing phony who thinks he’s being clever in his douchebaggery.? Just ask Eric Fingerhut.

In 1993, on the single most important congressional vote of the entire Clinton presidency – the first Clinton budget – Fingerhut quite purposely made himself the center of the political universe by playing coy.? Eric was a media darling, the Hamlet of the House, publicly debating with himself over his vote.? Fingerhut ended up in the rather uncomfortable position of being THE vote that either killed that budget, or passed it.

That’s where Boccieri thinks he is right now, and where he wants to be when the bill comes out of conference after Senate passage.? As with Fingerhut in 1993, we all know that Boccieri is setting himself up to vote for final passage.? But Boccieri is just too clever for all of us, just wants that little bit more.? So we watch his Hamlet.

Unfortunately for Boccieri, there is precisely zero upside to be had by seeking the approval of the teabaggers.? Like Fingerhut’s swooning for Republicans before him, Boccieri’s “thoughtfulness” means about as much to the people whose neanderthal genitalia he seeks to teabag as does the existence of human thought itself.? And the inevitable flop to this flip will only prove to Democratic voters, and especially independents in his district, that Boccieri doesn’t deserve to be a congressman.

Farewell, John.? Let us know how it feels when the door hits you in the ass.

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