I was all ready to write a post about how the difference between Driehaus voting for the bill and Boccieri voted against it was because Driehaus has a sizeable African-American population in his district where having the President campaigning for him may be the very thing necessary for Driehaus to stop Steve Chabot’s “Comeback Tour.”

But, then, how do you explain Zach Space and Charlie Wilson also voting for the bill, Modern?? Well, first, Wilson doesn’t seem to be in much trouble in ’10 as no serious opponent has emerged, and Space is facing a first-term State Senator who was just appointed to the seat this year.

Boccieri got out fundraised by his challenger, despite a decent haul on his own.?? So, Boccieri, panicked and voted against Health Care Reform.

And you know what?? His re-election prospects are probably worse for it.? Boccieri announced his opposition to the bill some THREE hours before the vote was to take place.? That means that if you’re? constituent that called during that time, you were wasting your time.

How many people that Boccieri met at those town halls screaming about health care are going to vote for Boccieri now or stay home.? None of them.?? Why?? Because he voted for the stimulus and cap-and-trade, and possibly a host of other Democratic friendly votes that will be used against him anyways.? The people screaming at you aren’t your friends, and don’t want to be your friends no matter how many votes you give them.? At best, Boccieri took one bullet out of the chamber.

At worse, he’s turning into doomed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Craig Deeds, who saw the projected Democratic turnout for his campaign evaporate the more and louder he tried to “distinguish” himself from the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats like Boccieri.

You know what happens to young idealistic politicians who suddenly decide to put aside major social change out of political considerations?? They turn into this guy: