To date, it’s been difficult to find any daylight between Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher on health care reform.  Today, Brunner came out blasting the Stupak amendment.  (HT: Columbus Dispatch Daily Briefing Blog):

"By voting . . . to block women from essential reproductive health care services, the anti-choice obstructionists in Congress have abandoned Ohio women and would legislate a woman’s constitutional right to choose ineffective at best," Brunner said.

Although Brunner said the overall House version is a “good bill,’’ she complained that “its passage hinged on denying women services for health care that only women may choose. This is unconscionable. The Senate must remedy the untenable and inequitable sacrifice that this bill would require of women and children in the United States,"

Lee Fisher?  Crickets. 

Despite making health care reform one of the major policy issues described on his campaign page and despite using his campaign page to encourage people to take action for health care reform, Fisher has been silent since Saturday’s House vote.