I want to tell you about the new site, but first I have to tell you a story.? It’s a story about absolute perfected incompetence.? A story so full of inability, hilarity, and a comedy of so many errors that you’d think I was referring to the modern day Republican Party.

But no.

The decision to launch a Plunderbund 2.0 was reached quickly, but the events leading up to it have been building for years, really.? We’ve been wanting to build the roster for some time here and have made several offers to many different people to become part of the Plundercrew. Some have taken us up on it for short periods of time, but most have not lasted.? Complete washouts, all.

Two apparently insane individuals – and coincidentally two of the best bloggers in the history of the state – have decided they’d like to enter the fray, raise their fists in the air, and join what we think is the best political blog of all time.? Starting today, Tim Russo of Blogger Interrupted and ModernEsquire of Buckeye State Blog are Plunderbund bloggers.? I talked them into leaving their blogs after an hour long conference call in which I espoused the benefits of plunder.? The rock star status they would enjoy.? The ridiculous amounts of prestige that would follow.? The imaginary things they could buy with their share of the loot.

Hell, I’m not gonna lie.? I got them to sign on the line which is dotted after drugging them at a motel in Grove City.? It was fun up to that point, but then it got weird.? Drinks and Funyons gave way to the hard stuff.? Russo wouldn’t stop talking about Connie Schultz and Modern would not stop babbling on about something long enough for us to even figure out what the hell he was talking about.

They awoke to realize what they had done and began immediately to try to sabotage the plan.? If you know anything of working with Tim Russo you know never to give him any logins unless and until there are sufficient checks on his ability to completely fuck things up.

Seriously.? It’s that bad.

The original plan was to keep things under wraps until the launch and make a big splash.? Tim had other ideas.? He made a test post which then auto-tweeted out to the main Plunderbund account which linked to the unprotected development area we were tweaking for the launch. Keeping with Tim’s high regard for himself and his work, this picture was the entirety of the post:


Doh!? So much for the best laid schemes. [Tim: I will note that the Twitter feed was active on the beta site unbeknownst to me.? This I am not responsible for.? I do take full responsibility for choosing this photo, however.]

All of this is not only true, but the precise reflection of our perception at the time.

I wrote a boring ass welcome message that you are free to read about the details of the new site.? Suffice to say that names will now be taken and asses will now be kicked.? The yonder days of Plunderbund are behind us, but these new days promise to be even more exciting and fun…unless you are a wingnut blogger, Republican elected, or wrath deserving Democrat.? If you are one of those, consider this your warning shot.

A new era begins at Plunderbund.? Buy the ticket.? Take the ride.