I stopped voting on election day years ago. Voting through the mail is so much easier and, in my opinion, much more effective. I don’t ever need to worry about lines or changes to my polling location or finding time in my normally busy day. Hell, I don’t even need to be in town on election day.

Also a big plus: I can sit at home with my ballot and a glass of bourbon and research the issues and the candidates online, at my own pace, carefully deciding who and what I want to vote for.

I have many friends who enjoy the ritual of voting, and I guess I understand that. There’s something comforting about having a routine: showing up at the same church or school every year and seeing the same 70 year old poll workers and, of course, getting your sticker.

Walking around all day with an “I Voted” sticker does make you that much cooler. And I heard Tip Top diner and the other Liz Lessner restaurants are offering beer specials to people who come in wearing their stickers.

Though cheap beer certainly is an incentive to showing up at the polls on voting day, I think I’m going to stick with voting early, at my convenience, with my mail-in ballot, at least until they implement online voting.