Big congrats to the new councilwoman Jill Miller Zimon! I can’t confirm that she is the first person to go from blogger – to candidate – to elected official, but I think she is.

Jill has been a force in the Ohio political blogging community going back years. She’s someone I respect very much and someone whose opinion I seek often. We don’t always agree in tactics or policy, but we share a mutual respect.

I know Jill will do her best to represent ALL of her constituents and hope that she brings blogging into office with her. Can a new blog be in the works? 😉

Great work Jill. I wished I had not been so busy to have been more engaged in your campaign, but I did follow it from afar. Congrats! I promise not to do anything with that one picture that I have of you, but I think my D4D shirt just may have increased in potential auction value. LOL