From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big congrats to the new councilwoman Jill Miller Zimon! I can’t confirm that she is the first person to go from blogger – to candidate – to elected official, but I think she is.

Jill has been a force in the Ohio political blogging community going back years. She’s someone I respect very much and someone whose opinion I seek often. We don’t always agree in tactics or policy, but we share a mutual respect.

I know Jill will do her best to represent ALL of her constituents and hope that she brings blogging into office with […]

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So I know it’s probably a bit early to call this, but I’m doing it anyway…

Issue 3 Passes!

And you are all invited to come play poker** with us next year at the new casino in Columbus.

** I take no responsibility if you leave your wife and kids and turn to a life of crime, become a prostitute or commit suicide as a result of your first visit to the casino.

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So Taxman goes to the polls and forgets his photo ID and is forced to vote using a provisional ballot. He claims it was “no big deal” but then uses the experience to make less-than-subtle racists comments (“I could have copped an attitude claiming that I was be disenfranchised because I’m white”) while attacking some imaginary Democrats for committing imaginary voter fraud using their imaginary, old, nursing home-bound parents.

Stay classy, Taxman.

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Why I Didn’t Vote Today

On November 3, 2009 By

I stopped voting on election day years ago. Voting through the mail is so much easier and, in my opinion, much more effective. I don’t ever need to worry about lines or changes to my polling location or finding time in my normally busy day. Hell, I don’t even need to be in town on election day.

Also a big plus: I can sit at home with my ballot and a glass of bourbon and research the issues and the candidates online, at my own pace, carefully deciding who and what I want to vote for.

I have many friends […]

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